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Passione Ricamo

Midnight Hour Limited Edition Paper Booklet

Midnight Hour Limited Edition Paper Booklet

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Midnight Hour Limited Edition Paper Chart

From the Designer

"Exclusively, for the “Fili Senza Tempora” exhibition -Formigine 24/25 September 2023.  I am publishing this limited edition booklet, only 70 copies, I am sure it will delight many passionate stitchers looking for precious treasure... In addition to the chart, this special edition contains the certified printed reproduction of the original watercolor and to this make edition even more sought after, a special paper was used for printing the entire booklet, it is the "Tintoretto Gesso": a very elegant paper, with felt marking with an orange peel effect "special for suitable make even small things precious and of great value...I sincerely hope that this care and the gift of water color, will be a source of joy for you , also if you do not stitch this project, if you are a collector, it is worth having in your hands this unique, particular and Rare edition that you can proudly place in your library.
Happy stitching! With Love

Scroll down below to purchase specialty threads and DMC kit, and to see suggested fabrics for this design!

Design Information

Stitch count: 224 x 222 h

Stitched area:

28 (14) count - 16” w x 15.85” h

32 (16) count - 14” w x 13.87” h

36 (18) count - 12.44” w x 12.33” h

Special Materials Required

Although not charted or required, if you desire to give sparkle to the design, Passione Ricamo suggests using Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid instead of DMC or blending them together. Here are her color suggestions if you choose to do so:

DMC to Petite Treasure Braid

  • 209 - PB66
  • 210 - PB12
  • 211 - PB205
  • 310 - PB05
  • 550 - PB34
  • 554 - PB65
  • 725 - PB201
  • 741 - PB202
  • 745 - PB03
  • 746 - PB10
  • 900 - PB55
  • 946 - PB44
  • 972 - PB42
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