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Mirabilia Designs

Giggles in the Snow

Giggles in the Snow

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As much of a giggle to stitch as it is to give, this newest design by Nora Corbett for Mirabilia is an ode to those euphoric winter days when children dress themselves in layer upon crazy-quilt layer, pull on mommy-made mittens and scarves, and flaunt collars and cuffs embroidered by doting aunts and grandmas. Stitch the little boy, the little girl, or stitch them both to hang together. Whichever you choose, it’s certain that the one having the most fun in the crystal-beaded snow will be you!

Each design's area is 8 ¹ " x 9 " on 32 count fabric with a stitch count of 130 x 150.

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